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• NEW! We have obtained a subdivision discount with Waste Management. If you are currently a Waste Management customer, you do not need to do anything to get the discount; you should notice the change with your next bill. If you are not a Waste Management customer and you wish to switch to Waste Management, please ask for the special rate WWO code.

• Do not park cars in the street when it snows. The snow plows need to get through

Keep your coach lights ON. Many car break-ins have been reported.

ROADS: Please contact the Macomb County Road Commission for road repairs
1.800.462.1474. We have heard that the more you call them to insist on the repair, the more likely they are to fix it soon!

Please do not place items on the front entrance common area.

Please do not chain items to the street signs.

Please do not place for sale items on the street sign posts.

Please let us know if you are moving or if you are new to the subdivision.

Please feel free to send an e-mail for any items that you would like to see added to this webpage or for homeowner suggestions.

Please keep noise levels on your car stereos and home stereos at a level where you can hear it but not your neighbors.

DOGS: Please pick up after your dog and keep your dog on a leash.